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The design and construction of water treatment plants is part of our core engineering business and incorporates a strong technical dimension. All the expertise and skills of our engineers and technicians are focused on working on a project either in France or internationally. Backed by innovative R&D and a wide range of technologies providing global solutions for water and sludge treatment, our teams design facilities combining technical, economic and environmental performances whilst protecting natural or urban sites. With a sizeable challenge: produce drinking water and supply the populations, purify waste water before returning it to the natural environment and protect our resources. You too can share this passion for the environment for the common good by joining Degremont. 

Profiles sought

Extending beyond candidate careers, the Design/Construction qualities required are a taste for working in a team, autonomy, a sense of responsibility, a real enthusiasm for technical challenges and a feeling for the contact and customer service.

We seek employees prepared to work in France and/or internationally, with a chance for all profiles to find their niche in our teams:

  • Young professionals may be offered posts of Junior Project Manager/Engineer, Operations Engineer, Design Office Technician or Technical Design Manager/Engineer.


  • Business Manager, Engineering Manager and Technical Specialist posts are for example offered to experienced professionals. 



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Degremont’s great resources are its diversity and the know-how it takes everywhere, to serve everyone.


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