A talent for water

With more than 4,600 staff working in 70 countries, decentralisation is a simple fact of life at Degremont. The human resources department manages training, expertise and careers internationally.


For every staff member to advance their career we must get to know them properly

Degremont has developed a special tool for optimising expertise management. This is a worldwide database of all the Group’s technical and business segment competencies. It provides both a good overview and exhaustive detailed information on knowhow in each country. This way the company can anticipate medium and long-term needs and work out career plans.

Degremont is investing in young talent: a planet-wide hunt

In line with the targets in its 2010 Strategic Vision, Degremont has already hired 800 new staff in three years. the Group is clear about its intention to invest in young talent. Of 200 new jobs, at least 100 will be filled by young graduates.

With this mission to fulfil, the HR teams attended a number of trade shows and job fairs in major cities of Asia, North and South America and, of course, Europe. In 2006 the Group also ran recruitment communication drives on the web and took part in chat rooms.

Hiring young talent makes training and skills upgrading more important than ever

The training budget is growing at a pace of 25%, in France and internationally. As a leading world expert in water treatment facilities, Degremont makes sure to handle its own technical training programmes: the HR department has introduced a training system in which the Group’s own experts design courses, create teaching aids and supply the teaching themselves. In 2006 this training system was given its own brand name: Campus.

In 2006 Degremont ran an e-learning trial with a view to making these courses more accessible to working teams wherever they are in the world. Training modules will be designed in-house for this purpose. Degremont also wants to use this approach to give its expatriate and foreign staff the opportunity to build up a lively virtual community. So that after their training, participants can continue to discuss online in specialised internal forums.



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A talent for water



Furthering our employees is first and foremost a way for us to get to know each and every one of them