Safety is one aspect of the professionalism Degremont expects of its teams. It stems from an attitude cultivated at all levels of the company and from design to plant operation. Degremont has made safety a core element in all its business segment processes and an integral part of its management system.  


Protect by anticipating risks

Degremont’s safety and prevention policy is part of a more overarching approach. It concerns people, plant and equipment, processes and facilities. It is taken into account right from site design and at every stage in the Group’s business. It is applied with the same rigour in all the countries where the Group operates, while specific local features are also taken into account.

A culture of safety for company growth

Degremont takes steps to convey a genuine culture of safety to its teams. More than this, it has made it a management tool, starting with training managers and teams to change behaviours, raise risk awareness, etc. Management’s onsite safety inspections and compliance audits are effected company-wide, demonstrating the managers’ commitment to safety. This is a key factor for a well-rooted and successful culture of safety.

Health and safety built into the management system and working methods

To have all staff routinely implement health and safety measures, this must not be seen as a matter for experts but must structure business segment processes and methods and must be incorporated into purchasing, HR and other support functions.
Our design offices, building sites and facilities have access to technical documents that take safety into account. This approach benefits staff wellbeing as well as the performance of the company and its customers.

Health and safety as value-added for the Group, its customers and its partners

In all three Degremont business segments, the care and attention paid to safety is a real asset for our customers.
Degremont’s approach in this field also stimulates its local partners to make improvements, helps them manage their own risks and improves their image. The safety aspects are included in contracts and become a prime criterion in choosing service suppliers.



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Degremont has made safety a core element in all its business segment processes...