For Degrémont, quality is a decisive asset in improving its business skills, boosting its competitive advantages, creating synergies, and quickly producing innovation.

More than certification, quality to quickly innovate and advance

Quality has been a question of excellence at Degrémont for many years: it was the first water engineering company to obtain ISO 9001 certification – in 1991.
Can we continue to improve in quality today? Degrémont's reply has been to make its quality initiative an intellectual framework applicable to every problem in the company. All of its activities, including support functions, are analysed and optimised. Each process is described as precisely as possible and sequenced in as many steps as necessary to make full use of the skills of our employees.
Each step is planned, carried out, and then checked, and if necessary experience feedback is applied to improve it. Process-based management allows us to take control of our activities well beyond the statutory specifications, in accordance with our customers' wishes and requirements in performance.

More than a requirement, quality is a way of thinking

Since 2004, Omega Process has been synonymous with quality at Degrémont. Its three activities of Design and Build, Services, and Equipment are now charted out and controlled to ensure optimum management of the risk, time, and resources involved, both in France and on the international markets.
Degrémont has taken its quality requirements well beyond the perimeters of ISO certification. As a result, certification audits guarantee our customers that the main quality principles adopted by the company are truly applied.
In addition, the new information system dedicated to Omega Process set up in 2005, provides all the associates of Degrémont around the world with real-time access to the common rules for perfect, constant control of its three business lines.



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Degrémont was the first water engineering company to obtain ISO 9001 certification – in 1991.