All Degremont’s business activities have one objective: to optimise water treatment by giving our customers reliable, efficient facilities that integrate fully into their economic, social and environmental plans. For example, conserving water resourcesand protecting public health, facilitating re-use of wastewater, improving sludge management to make it a usable product and reduce fossil fuel consumption.
The close links between our design-build and services activities really bear fruit in the feedback between them. The result is an active transfer of know-how and a guarantee that manufacturers and operators are working to the same objectives.


Treating and conserving water are major challenges in every part of the world.

The international consensus established at the Johannesburg summit in 2002 has not changed: the future of the planet depends on sustainable management of water, and hence on adequate treatment of urban wastewater.

Degremont has made this expertise a major focus for research and development. To conserve water resources and aquatic ecosystems, to reduce waste, process it and upgrade it into a usable product, to improve the human environment by building facilities that blend into their surroundings — these are all permanent requirements for Degremont’s teams.

Optimised energy management is also more than ever a top priority: the new generations of treatment plant and the coupling of different technologies are designed to reduce environmental impact. Integration and better use of renewable and alternative resources further improves the energy balance of treatment facilities.

Among other benefits, this policy has earned the french R&D centre renewal of its iso 14001 certificate. Many sites designed and operated by Degremont have also earned iso certification.


A responsible offering adapted to every environment

With its sound command of a wide range of technologies, Degremont is able to optimise the configuration of the solutions it proposes to address particular local economic and technical constraints. The many contracts Degremont’s teams have won recently in developing countries are helping to increase drinking water supply - and they demonstrate the versatility of the company’s technical knowledge.



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